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Coalition Member said:   July 2, 2013 8:02 am PST
We have requested bios on each nominee. They will be posted on July 3rd's update on the website and a Constant Contact mailing to the Coalition. A well rounded BCCDC Board should have members with real life experience in Marketing, Sales, Legal, Accounting & Finance, Fundraising, Facilities Engineering & Management, Business Management & Administration, Golf Professional, Restaurant Management.

Alma Lawler said:   July 2, 2013 7:58 am PST
Would you please send information on the three people listed at the end of this message: Betty Hart, Ken Stephens, Dave Niehuis How do I know who to vote for and what is background of board members, are there any requirements to be a board member? thanks

Julie Uli said:   July 2, 2013 7:40 am PST
July 1, 2013 Dear Maggie, Janet, and the rest of the Board, After the tragedy of the Firefighters we have the opportunity to really honor life in higher consciousness. It puts a different perspective on all things as far as I am concerned. What we face is nothing compared to the families and community of our lost Heroes. Saying that there are so many questions I (we) have. 1- Why didn’t you and Janet ask for help when you were putting your personal savings into the restaurant? 2- Who is this group that you are in negotiations with? 3- Why is this not being shared with our Community? It is this point that I really have a big problem with! If this is such a good deal why are these negotiations public? 4- Is there a chance that there could be meditation meeting to inform us of all that is going on? There is so much anger and mis-information going on. All we want and need are the facts. 5- Is it just the board doing the negotiation or do you have help? I ask this because of the nature and importance of the decision being made. Not that you and Janet aren’t capable, it is just a VERY complicated business transition. There are many other questions for you, I just hope you will answer these.... You and Janet are an essential part of this community. I for one acknowledge you both for the long hours, (blood sweat and tears) you have put in to make Lake Montezuma and the entire Beaver Creek area a better place to live. Abundant Blessings for us ALL! Julie Uli

Rick and Rachel Ayars said:   July 2, 2013 6:49 am PST
Rick and I have read the comments in "My Turn" and we are in total agreement with the letter so brilliantly written by Virginia Bartling. It expresses our opinion as well. We need to quit pointing fingers and get to the business of coming together for the good of the community. Kala and Janet are both very capable leaders of our community and have brought the Ranch House to it's standing today. Let's not tear it apart again by arguing. Rick and Rachel Ayars

Ron said:   July 1, 2013 6:03 pm PST
What's this I hear that some water company wants to buy the dead golf course and sell off the water rights? The folks making this kind of deal should be run out of town if this happens. Say it ain't so.

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